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About us.
The company

has been created from the dream to give value to quality extra-virgin olive oil.
Above all, Sicilian.

The history

Samantha Di Laura founded in Menfi in 2015 Sciroccco Ethical Sales Management, with the aim to help the agricultural producers to create value for their products. Owner of a small olive grove, in 2016 started the first small production of OLIOVE, with the specific aim of spreading the culture of Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil, of protecting and enhancing it.

Olive groves

The olive groves from which our oil is produced are located in Campobello di Mazara (TP), a well-known area for the production of olive oil, obtained by grinding of the traditional local variety Nocellara of Belice.


We are motivated by our love for our land. Combined with the knowledge of the sector and professional experience, we become a driving force for sustainable development for people and for the territory.
Man is always at the centre of all our strategies, from the farmer, who requires the right compensation for his work, to those who use the product, to those who desire pleasure and well-being.

The mission

We hope that quality extra -virgin olive oil will become part of daily nutrition (from breakfast to dinner) so that there is no longer room for bad quality oils, as they will be immediately recognized and avoided.

Future projects

Expanding our agricultural operation and creating a new monocultivar Oliove brand line to better express the production variety of our territory.


Our dream ... is to create value for our Earth
For men who produce goodwill.
For people who love and take care of themselves.
Those who know how to live and love
Expansive experience in the Italian and international food and wine market, gained inside international companies. At the age of only 25, she began to work as Export Area Manager for Euricom S.p.A. (Curtiriso), the largest European rice company of that period, in charge of the Middle East market and the development of the extra-European one. At the age of 31, she was called to Seville by Ebrofoods (Herba Ricemills) where she deepened the Brand Management and the coordination of a network of international exports. Diego Planeta led her to Sicily in Settesoli Winery that she left to found Scirocco Ethical Sales Management.
Samantha Di Laura
CEO et fondateur
Sicily olive oil

Shop & Love

You can buy and taste Oliove at our Menfi offices and in the best specialized shops, or on our on line shop .
You may freely choose among the single 0,25 lt to 3 lt can, the 0,25 lt bottle, gift boxes and accessories.

+39 0925 575354
Via Cavour 53, 92013 Menfi (Ag) Sicily, Italy

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