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Did you know that Liv Tyler protects her perfect lips by greasing them with extra virgin olive oil every night? And that the top model Miranda Kerr keeps her hair smooth thanks to masks of oil and lemon? (Source: Io Donna of 02/03/2019, pp. 208). The olive oil is a mix of vitamin E, essential fat acids and minerals and it is a precious ally for your beauty treatments. The cosmetic properties, as well as the nutraceutical ones, of the olive oil are directly proportional to its quality, so the more the oil is of high quality the more its cosmetic characteristics will be effective (discover more on our catalogue. Download it).
You do not need expansive beauty creams to reach excellent results, the homemade remedies are very good. Moreover, the extra virgin olive oil is odourless and it does not grease, if used in small quantities.
See how to use it:

Put in small quantities before shampoo and left it to act for 10 minutes, the olive oil helps to extricate, hydrate and give brightness to the hair.
Thanks to the presence of essential oils and antioxidants, the olive oil calms and fights dry skin, chapped lips and reddened hands. It gives elasticity to the most sensitive areas of the body, by reducing imperfections and stretch marks. It is very good for the scrub, if used together with rock salt. It is a very good soothing if massaged on wet skin after the shower, while for the stretch marks it is suggested to use it in purity, as well as on the breast. A drop of extra virgin olive oil put on your face in the morning is a perfect base for the make-up (it does not grease, it is very good also for fat skin); a drop put in the evening, before going to sleep, acts as an anti-aging.
Blended with salt and left on the skin for 10 minutes, the olive oil is a very good anti-acne treatment. In fact, the oil calms the blush and helps to heal from the infection.
The oil miraculously acts on weak or dry eyelashes and nails by strengthening them and stimulating their re-growth.
Gently rubbed on the eyes, it takes off each residual of make-up without being aggressive on the skin and it helps to prevent the so-called “crow’s feet”.

For its excellent cosmetic properties, the olive oil cannot absolutely miss in your daily beauty rituals. And to better preserve the quality of its organoleptic properties, we suggest you to use it in the practical 250 ml glass bottle. What are you waiting for?

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