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Why giving olive oil.

A gift always carries with it the image of good taste and of the culture of those who offer it. OLIOVE is taste and culture. OLIOVE is Sicily and authenticity. OLIOVE has a unique symbolic and territorial value because it tells the story of the land where it is produced and of people who live and love this land.
Giving high quality olive oil as a gift means giving a superfood product of extraordinary nutraceutical properties.
Olive oil is an extremely versatile food, which lends itself to the most diverse combinations and it combines with everyone’s tastes and eating habits.
The synthesis between the excellence of taste and the elegance of the packaging makes it an absolutely original gift idea.
Moreover, olive oil has a high symbolic valence, from the ancient times, because of the well-being of those who receive it.

Are you a company that needs a gift for your employees for company lunches or dinners? Do you want to reward your most loyal customers with something different and precious? We propose you an original alternative. Let’s choose Oliove, a product that combines taste and beauty, health and elegance.
Oliove is the perfect olive oil to be given as a gift, thanks to its packaging that has made it a multi-awarded oil both at a national and an international level.
Did you receive a dinner invitation and you do not know what bringing? Are you searching for a gift that is alternative to the classic bottle of wine or the usual box of candies? Oliove is what you need. The olive oil is the fruit of a plant that symbolizes peace and harmony…what is better than wishing harmony to your dearest friends? With Oliove you give health and beauty. Moreover, you give an original gift box: a customized slipcase, perfect to be re-used as box for food or for different objects.
Holidays are coming. Let’s celebrate them with taste: bring Oliove to your table and give your guests the pleasure to taste a superior quality organic olive oil. What are you waiting for? Buy Oliove in its elegant customized slipcase and put it among the gastronomic products in your gift baskets. Or you can buy it in 3L can together with its elegant bag.
For every special occasion, whether it is a baptism, a communion, a graduation or a special event, Oliove is there. Choose the packaging you prefer and leave to your guests a gift which is surely different from usual favors. We also give you the possibility to customize the magnet or the gift box so as it will become a memory of your special day.

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