A matter
of love
Extra virgin olive oil
The Oil.

Oliove is an extra-virgin olive oil of the highest quality Igp Sicily, a blend of Nocellara, Cerasuola and Biancolilla olives of Belice, coming from the territories of Menfi and Sciacca (AG)

It has a fruity, medium intensity with a fresh and intriguing scent, with hints of artichoke, chicory, freshly cut herbs and aromatic herbs. The taste is a harmonious balance of bitter and spicy. It is suitable for all palate types and it is very versatile.
wants to be the messenger of a healthy lifestyle, where the choices we make are dictated by respect for man and the earth. From love for ourselves. From what we put into our bodies. From the life we choose and from the life we create for others.
It is therefore sustainable, zero-residue from pesticide treatments and ethical because it generates value. .
Our brand is composed of four words, which are our guide:
OLIO (OIL in Italian) ~ OLIVE ~ LOVE ~ LIVE.
Each letter has a special meaning and on the front of each can a different letter is printed so that everyone can make up the word that they prefer.

Oliove was awarded two bronze medals for packaging at the London International Olive Oil Competition 2017 in the categories "total image" and "innovation"..

The product.

Each can has been labelled and numbered by hand. With love

Our oil is marketed in cans of 0.250 lt and 0.500 lt. We have chosen the can because in our research, it is the container that best preserves the organoleptic characteristics of the oil. Production in 2016 was 1,400 cans of 0,5 lt and 400 cans of 0,250 lt.

Production area

Menfi and Sciacca in the province of Agrigento in western Sicily.

Olive groves

Trees located in the hilly and plain territories along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


Cerasuola, Nocellara of Belice, Biancolilla.

Collection Method

The olives are hand-picked and placed in 20 kg wooden boxes, and pressed within 24 hours.

Extraction method

Cold-extracted through a process of controlled temperature-controlled production, maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the oil.


Green, medium density suitable for any palate.


Fresh and intriguing, with scents of chicory, artichoke, freshly cut grass, and aromatic herbs.

Taste / Flavour

Harmonious, with a balance between bitter and spicy.


Delicate and versatile, it can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, because it is excellent both raw and in cooking.

Packaging (Cartons)

Single cans of 0.50 lt. and 0.25 lt. Cartons of 4 - 0.50 lt. cans. Cartons of 6 - 0.25 lt. cans. The cans are carefully labelled and numbered by hand from the first to the last.


IGP SICILY Certified by IRVO (Regional Wine and Oil Institute) according to the production specification DM Agriculture Policy of 29/01/2015 published on the official website MIPAAF with no. of certificate 01/2017 to 31/01/2017.
0.5 liter cans
0,25 liter cans
Cans labelled by hand
Olive trees

Shop & Love

You can buy and taste Oliove at our Menfi offices and in the best specialized shops, or you can send us an email .
You may freely choose between the single 0,50 lt. or 0,25 lt can, the carton of 4 cans of 0.50 lt, and the carton of 6 cans of 0,25 lt.

Shop & Live

Each can includes a small giftt. A handcrafted magnet produced with the words LOVE or LIVE.
To always remember the most important things.
Love. Live. Good Oil .

The company

has been created from a dream
to give value to quality extra-virgin olive oil.
Above all, sicilian.


Scirocco Ethical Sales Management has been founded in Menfi (AG – Sicily) by Samantha Di Laura, with the mission to help the agricultural producers to create value for their products. Owner of a small olive grove, in 2016 started the first small production of OLIOVE, with the specific aim of spreading the culture of Sicilian extravirgin olive oil, to protect and to enhace it. .

The olive groves

The olive groves from which our oil is produced are located in Menfi (AG), between the municipalities of Sciacca and Castelvetrano, a well-known area for the production of olive oil, obtained by grinding traditional local varieties such as Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and the Cerasuola.
They are cultivated with professionalism and love by Joseph, Anna, John, Mary, Martha and Matthew.


We are motivated by our love for our land. Combined with the industry expertise and professional experience, we become a driving force for sustainable development for people and for the territory.
Man is always at the centre of all our strategies, from the farmer, who requires the right compensation for his work, to those who use the product, to those who desire pleasure and well-being.

The mission

We hope that quality extra virgin olive oil will become a part of daily nutrition (from breakfast to dinner) so that there is no longer room for bad quality oils, as they will be immediately recognized and avoided.

Future projects

To expand our agricultural operation and create a new monocular Oliove brand line to better express the production variety of our territory.

The dream

Our dream ... is to create value for our Earth
For men who produce goodwill.
For people who love and take care of themselves.
Those who know how to live and love
GSignificant commercial experience in the Italian and International market, matured in companies from the international breath. At just 25, she started working as Export Area Manager for Euricom S.p.A. (Curtiriso), with responsibility for managing the European market and development of the non-European market. At 31 she is called to Seville by Ebrofoods (Herba Ricemills) where she deepens Brand Management and coordinates an international export network. A meeting with Diego Planeta brings her to Sicily at Cantine Settesoli that she left to found Scirocco Ethical Sales Management and Scirocco Agricola.
Samantha Di Laura
CEO and founder
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