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Extra-virgin olive oil

The oil.

Oliove is a PGI Sicily organic extra-virgin olive oil of superior quality, a monocultivar Nocellara of Belice from the territories of Campobello di Mazara

It has a fruity, medium intensity with a fresh and intriguing, scent, with hints of artichoke, chicory, freshly cut herbs and aromatic herbs. The taste is a harmonious balance of bitter and spicy. It is suitable for all palate types and it is very versatile.
wants to be a messenger for a healthy lifestyle, where the choices we make are dictated by respect for man and the earth. From love for ourselves. From what we put into our bodies. From the life we choose and from the life we create for others.
It is therefore sustainable, zero-residue from pesticide treatments and ethical because it generates value.
Our brand is composed of four words, which are our guide:
OLIO (OIL in Italian) ~ OLIVE ~ LOVE ~ LIVE.
Each letter has a special meaning and on the front of each can a different letter is printed so that everyone can make up the word he prefers.

Two bronze medals at the London International Olive Oil Competition 2020 in the “Packaging” and “Quality” categories.

“Leone 2019” Selection at the Leone d’Oro dei Mastri Oleari 2019 (the world’s best extra virgin olive oils).

Two bronze medals at the London International Olive Oil Competition 2017 in the “total image” and “innovation” categories.

Finalist for the best 2017 packaging at the Leone D’Oro of the Mastri Oleari (Milan).

Awarded for the 2018 Gift Box at Olioofficina (Milan).

First place at the Mediterranean Packaging Award 2018 in the “Innovation”, “Packaging” and “Golden Pack” categories (Castellammare del Golfo).

awarded oil
The product.

Each can has been labelled and numbered by hand. With love.

Our oil is marketed in cans of 0.250 Lt, 0.500 Lt and 3Lt and in bottles of 0,250 Lt. We have chosen the can because in our research, it is the container that best preserves the organoleptic characteristics of the oil.

Production area

Campobello di Mazara in the province of Trapani in the South West of Siciliy.

Olive groves

Trees located in the hilly and plain territories along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


Monocultivar Nocellara of Belice.

Collection method

The olives are hand-picked and placed in 20 kg wooden boxes, and pressed within 24 hours.


Cold-extracted through a process of temperature-controlled production, maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the oil.
extra-virgin olive oil


Green, medium density suitable for any palate.


Fresh and intriguing, with scents of chicory, artichoke, freshly cut grass, and aromatic herbs.


Harmonious, with a balance between bitter and spicy.


Delicate and versatile, it can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, because it is excellent both raw and in cooking.


IGP SICILY Certified by IRVO (Regional Wine and Oil Institute) on the authorization of MIPAAFT. Organic extra virgin olive oil certified by Bioagricert.


Why have we chosen to produce an organic olive oil?

Because choosing organic products means taking care of the environment and of themselves. The growing is made through sustainable methods to protect the biodiversity of the territory; no use of fertilizers and pesticides which can damage the soil and the environment is allowed. Organic olive oil is then guarantee of a healthy and surely more natural product. Moreover, just because fertilizers are not used, it has a higher content of natural antioxidants, a better acidity and more beneficial properties.


Why have we chosen to produce a PGI Sicily oil?

The PGI is a quality brand recognized to all those agricultural or food products whose production requires that at least one phase of the producing process is made in the reference geographical area.
We have chosen to produce a PGI oil to focus on the quality and to offer the consumer a superior quality olive oil.
We have chosen the PGI because it is synonymous with purity, health and land protection and to demonstrate even better our bond with the territory.
Sicily olive oil

Shop & Love

You can buy and taste Oliove at our Menfi offices and in the best specialized shops, or on our on line shop .
You may freely choose among the single 0,25 lt to 3 lt can, the 0,25 lt bottle, gift boxes and accessories.

Shop & Live

Each can includes a small gift. A handcrafted magnet produced with the words LOVE or LIVE.
To always remember the most important things.
Love. Life. The good oil.

high quality olive oil
Our advice.

How to better store the extra-virgin olive oil

The extra-virgin olive oil is a very precious and delicate food. It has extraordinary organoleptic properties that, therefore, may be easily compromised if the product is not kept in proper conditions.
.Light, heat and oxygen are the three enemies of the oil, since they all are external factors that speed up the oxidation process that can affect the product because of the presence of oleic acid in it. So it is recommended to store the oil safe from direct or indirect light sources, from heat sources (especially from the stoves) and from any contact with oxygen.
We suggest you choosing small dark glass-made containers that make little light filter through them or stainless steel-made containers, always in small packaging, from 0,25 lt to 0,50 lt.
The smaller the packaging, the more you can reduce the contact with the air. If a glass-made container is chosen, it is recommended to wrap it with some tinfoil, in order to safe it from any direct light.
If you buy the oil inside big containers, we suggest transferring it in smaller ones immediately. Plastic-made containers, ampoules and ceramic-made containers should absolutely be avoided.
To better keep taste and flavour, it is preferable to safe oil from particularly strong-flavoured food or from products like cleaners because it can easily suck their smell.
The ideal storage temperature is between 14° and 18°. The oil also fears low temperatures because they increase the risk of coagulation of the liquid .
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Via Cavour 53, 92013 Menfi (Ag) Sicily, Italy

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